The Chemistry of Food and Beverages

The biggest challenges that face chemists in the Food and Beverage industry are solubility and flavoring, particularly when adding cannabinoids or other oil-soluble compounds to water and water-soluble compounds. Often, emulsifiers must be added to reduce surface tension and enable homogenous mixing to occur. In addition, preservatives are often added to increase the shelf life of the product. With all of these compounds in food and beverages, flavoring must hide any effects of these compounds and appeal to the consumer.

Materials Sourcing:   

The Happy Chemists source the best and highest quality raw materials in our formulations. We believe in achieving the best flavor profiles with ingredients closest to their source, choosing natural and organic, when possible. Any CBDs used in formulations are sourced directly from hemp processors, to avoid any legal issues, and allow our clients to sell in all 50 states.


The Happy Chemists collectively have over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing and have expertise in Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).  With this expertise, we are able to provide our clients assistance with process flow in each step of manufacturing.  We also have a network of experts and companies that we can make available to our clients.

Analytics and Testing:

The Happy Chemists have connections to local laboratories for testing flavor profiles and analyte concentrations. Upon request, we will provide customers with testing of final formulations for baseline data and to ensure the final manufactured product is within client specifications.