Formulation and Reverse Engineering

De-formulation of a product, also known as “ reverse engineering” is the process of analytically breaking down a material or product’s formulation to separate and determine the specific identity and exact quantity of both its major and minor components. This process can be vital to identify critical ingredients that may affect product taste, flavors and cost.

The Happy Chemists apply this process as an integrated part of product development. The benefit of reverse-engineering is to evaluate current formulas and attempt to improve on them. In addition, reverse engineering identifies ingredients that may be reduced or eliminated from the formula to better improve your margin and consequently, your bottom line.  Few companies can accurately deliver a complete de-formulation analysis that identifies and quantifies the ingredients in a complex formulation. Even fewer can successfully re-combine the ingredients in order to deliver the formulation’s proper production process.

Our labs have successfully reverse engineered products by applying advanced analytical techniques to separate, identify, and quantify compounds to ascertain chemical composition.  Our scientists and engineers have worked with analytical instruments such as GCMS and HPLC, and use several ISO accredited laboratories to provide testing to our clients, to be able to meet product specifications and ensure consistent quality throughout the scale-up and manufacturing process. We can also provide guidance and recommendations to improve your overall manufacturing process for efficiency.