Functional Foods

Functional Foods, are defined by the Mayo Clinic as “foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition” (Mayo Clinic FAQs).  These products include probiotic yogurts, fermented foods like saurkraut, kimchi, pickles, omega-3 enriched eggs, whole grain oatmeal, and the like.

The demand for these products has steadily increased over the past few years, as consumers have turned toward these foods to improve their overall health. Consequently, there is a need to bring new products to market year after year and continue to push the envelop for innovation with our clients.

Our scientists and flavorists specialize in developing a wide range of products, which include:

  • Protein/Meal-replacement and Energy bars
  • Granola and Super-fruit bars
  • Gummies with Vitamins and Probiotics
  • Flavored Sports Powders (protein, creatine)
  • Pure Fruit Jams with low sugar options
  • Chocolate and nut candies with low sugar options