Functional Beverages

A big part of creating new and innovative products is  focusing on delivering health benefits naturally to the body. Fermented drinks such as Kombucha (tea), Kefir (milk), add beneficial bacteria to GI microflora which can boost the immune system.  Other beverages,  such as sports recovery drinks, are fortified with vitamins and creatine, for aiding in building lean muscle mass.  Meal replacement bars and shakes are generally high in protein (20+grams per serving) , which can aid in loss of body fat.

Our scientists, engineers and flavorists work together to formulate delicious functional beverages that contain natural ingredients and provide health benefits to our consumers.

We develop a wide range of products including:

  • Protein and meal replacement shakes
  • Probiotic (L. Bacillus and others) and vitamin flavored waters
  • Energy drinks and vapes
  • Pre- and Post-workout drinks including whey and vegan protein
  • Flavored tea- with super-fruits
  • Flavored fermented kombucha and kefir