CBD Products

With an increasing demand for Hemp/CBD based-products in recent years, and with the passing of the US Farm Bill in 2018,  the CBD products market is taking off.  With demand so high, The Happy Chemists have been proactive in developing high quality products that actually work for reducing inflammation and pain, among the many other benefits of CBD.

Our Flavor Chemists and Engineers use only the highest quality CBD isolate (99.7%) and CBD hemp distillate (>80%). We source only the highest quality raw materials for all of our CBD formulations, so we can deliver a superior product to our clients.

We do this because we know that some of our customers have compromised immune systems, or have debilitating conditions or diseases.  By using only the purest ingredients and analytically testing our batches, we ensure our quality is the highest in the industry.  We Live, Sleep, and Breathe quality, as it’s the safest, most healthy way to make CBD products.

A short list of our formulations are listed below, please don’t hesitate to ask about custom formulations:

  • CBD Water and Sports drinks
  • CBD energy bars and meal replacement shakes
  • CBD gummies and gourmet chocolates
  • CBD flavored vape or unflavored vape mix
  • CBD Pre- and Post Workout Drinks, powders, vape and salves
  • CBD Tinctures in gourmet flavors
  • CBD Skincare and Topicals for different types of relief