The Happy Chemists LLC is three partners coming together from slightly similar but very different different backgrounds, educations and experiences, with a passion for food chemistry and flavoring that bring years of experience to serve our clients.

The Happy Chemists’ provide turn-key solutions to its clients, by turning client’s ideas and concepts into reality. We study the feasibility and economics of each idea and concept.¬† We then strategically plan all product development activities including formulation, scale up manufacturing, labeling and packaging. In addition, The Happy Chemists LLC will source and negotiate prices of all ingredients, flavors, labels, and packaging, as well as contract manufacturing on behalf of our clients.

Using an approach founded in Chemistry and Engineering, The Happy Chemists’ formulate and develop new, innovative¬† and functional foods and beverages. While balancing client needs, we also monitor consumer demand and position our clients to offer the best products for healthier diets and outcomes.

The Happy Chemists LLC develops and formulates a wide range of products including, probiotic drinks/powder, fermented tea, juices, smoothies, energy/protein bars as well as sports nutrition supplements in powder and liquid form. In addition, CBD/Hemp-based products have gained popularity in recent months, thus, The Happy Chemists LLC has taken the lead to develop CBD/Hemp-based bars, gummies, hard-candy, flavored water, juices, pre- and post-workout drinks, as well as topicals for skin care.