Our mission: To craft the best-tasting drinks and foods using the highest quality ingredients and flavors. Our Flavor Chemists and Engineers are committed to turning our clients’ concepts and ideas into reality.

We are passionate about what we do and hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in sourcing raw materials, product development, and the formulation of new and innovative products.

The Happy Chemists’ team specializes in developing a wide a range of products including flavored vitamin water, flavored tea (with antioxidants), probiotic drinks, and  fresh fruit juices. Our list of products also include, smoothies, sports drinks, pre/post-workout drinks.

  Our team also specializes in developing Hemp/CBD based products including, CBD gummies, CBD hard candy, CBD protein bars and CBD flavored water/beverages. The Happy Chemists also have experience in developing a wide range of topical products, ranging from lip balm to lotions.